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Recall: OUTSPOKEN live in Washington DC, 1993!

The late 80’s/early 90’s were a monumental time in the Southern California hardcore scene. While bands like Insted, No For An Answer & Uniform Choice were winding down, other bands like Strife, A Chorus of Disapproval, Inside Out and Outspoken (among others) were forming and preparing to make their own marks on this distinct and highly personal genre of music.

Outspoken was formed by 4 friends with a love for hardcore, straight edge and political and social causes that they felt inspired/outraged by. It wasn’t enough just to say they were concerned, they expressed this in how they lived their lives, how they looked at the world, and how they went about doing their band. Outspoken began by playing a few live shows and before long recorded a demo. With that came a rabid response and interest in the message Outspoken put across. It was simple: RESPECT ANIMALS. RESPECT THE PLANET. RESPECT YOURSELF.

Subsequently, Outspoken went on to record the “Survival” EP, the “A Light in the Dark” LP and finally, what many fans and critics consider their ultimate swan song, “The Current” EP (all on New Age/Conversion Records), before disbanding in late 1994. During their short tenure as one of Southern California’s premiere straight bands, they played shows from coast to coast and even managed a few stops in between. At this point it seemed as if the band had done all they could do… or had they?

There were reunions in 1998, 2003 and 2005. All were met with extreme excitement and support by fans new and old. In 2007, Indecision Records (dist. by Revelation Records) released a complete discography for the band titled “Spotlight”. It was apparent that there was still more for Outspoken to accomplish.

Fast forward to 2010. OUTSPOKEN played the iconic “Sound and Fury Fest” along with fellow 1990s, hardcore stalwarts Earth Crisis and Strife. 2011 built on this even further as they played two shows with Youth of Today and Mouthpiece.

And now 2012…

After forming over 20 years ago, Outspoken finally gets to realize a longtime dream of conducting their first European tour. Slated for October/November, it is sure to be one of the most powerful and emotionally charged experiences for everybody involved.

Still going strong, for Outspoken, yesterday as well as today, “we must continue…”

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