REDEEMER’s EP available for free

Phoenix, AZ hardcore band REDEEMER‘s new EP entitled “First Degree” is available for a free download.

Grab it here.

The band signed the Rite of Passage / Mediaskare Records in October this year. Read the official statement below:

Formed in 2009, REDEEMER started as the means for its members to express their passion for hardcore music and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ to a music scene where “God Free” is becoming a trend. “We want people to know that there is hope,” commented the band. “We’ve all had bad experiences within churches and felt betrayed, but it’s important that we not blame God or turn from His love because of this.”

For further insight on their music, the band offered the following “We write songs about struggle and about pain because we all know about that. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is our focus, not religion or the dividing walls of a hierarchy. We have to come back to the heart of worship. Our songs are written mostly about things that we’ve all struggled with individually or as a whole such as our own pride, our struggle at times to keep praising through the storm, struggles with being hurt by church communities, and spiritual battles that have torn all of us apart in our own respect.”

When it came time to choosing a label, the band decided on Rite of Passage / Mediaskare Records, stating “Their roster is full of amazing bands that we’d love to be able to associate ourselves with in the future.”

The band will enter Undercity Studios in North Hollywood, California to begin recording their debut EP for Rite of Passage / Mediaskare album this fall.


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