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REFUSED releases “Dawkins Christ”

Some of you have been asking me to stop making fun of the new REFUSED record, their big ass shows at mainstream festivals and respect their legacy more. Well, I ensure you that I do respect these influential fellas, but the thing is that I’m a bit disappointed with the magnitude of their comeback and the quality of their new efforts. “Dawkins Christ” proves me right. The track seems to be a kind of a “New Noise” wannabe and, sadly, a middling composition. Listen below and you be the judge.

There’s nothing wrong about ressurecting the legend, but the problem comes when you lose the quality and the original freshness.

The band’s first album since the 1998 legendary “The Shape Of Punk To Come” is called “Freedom” and will be released on June 30th via Epitaph Records! Go here and here to release 2 previously released tracks called “Elektra” and “Françafrique”! Also, visit this location to see their upcoming dates.

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