Remembering Adam Yauch of BEASTIE BOYS

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Adam Yauch passed away on May 4, 2012. Here’s how some of us remembered him.

20 Great Adam Yauch Moments, by Stereogum.

Video reports and tributes:

Erick Sermon about Adam:

Benji Madden from GOOD CHARLOTTE:

Today’s news hit me hard.

When i was growing up, my 2 brothers Joel&Josh and I spent pretty much everyday from about 1986 on, pretending we were the Beastie Boys. I was the King Adrock, Joel was Mike D and Josh, Our leader, was MCA.

They were the reason we wore the clothes we did, liked the things we did, the reason we got into skate boarding and punk and hardcore too. i remember we scraped our money together every time they put something out. The entire catalog we wore out. Even aglio e olio. “Some old Bullshit” was my favorite.

Today when i woke up and heard the news,it really sent a shot thru me. It made me think about my brothers. How many times did the 3 of us scream along with the Beastie Boys the top of our lungs.

I guess when someone is your childhood hero you just never ever think you are going to hear this news. They will always be the image that you saw, when you couldn’t take your eyes off their first video, or the 1st time you saw them in concert. They are just immortalized in your heart. they never age. they never get sick. they never change. So it cuts kind of deep to have to except the fact that they have gone from here.

MCA has been immortalized in a catalog of work unlike anything anyone see has ever created.

I know there a lot of other people out there that feel the same way as we do. And there are so many artist who don’t even realize the influence the Beastie boys have had on them, and may come to understand it later down the road.

I will enjoy watching the next generation of kids do the same things i did when they discover the Beastie Boys.

Feels like we lost a brother. MCA, thank you for everything man.

Rest in Peace.

My heart is with Mike D and Adrock. 

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