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Representing Northern Italy Hardcore: JORELIA drops explosive new EP

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Summer kicks off with a bang for JORELIA, the rising crew of the Northern Italy hardcore scene, as they release their new EP “Representing Northern Italy Hardcore” (Deathfarm Records, BE), featuring six relentless tracks, each showcasing the unique influences of the band members. From the metallic hardcore ferocity to the hip-hop bounce and beatdown aggression, this record is a manifesto of unity and resistance against the toxicity.

In just four years, JORELIA has carved out a niche in the Italian hardcore scene, with standout performances at Venezia Hardcore 2023 and Legend Club in 2024.

These dudes look hard and heavy, especially in their sick new music video below, but let’s see what the future holds. Will the wind carry them towards the hype train like band SPEED? Or will they drown in the sea of European hardcore bands? They seem hardworking, so who knows. Check them out.

Today we dive deep into each track from their new EP, with a special commentary from the band below.


Clown is the lead single for the record. This track addresses the phenomenon of “scene tourists”: individuals who have discovered hardcore music through TikTok and treat the scene as a mere fashion statement, misunderstanding and erasing the culture and behaving as veterans who already know everything. For us, hardcore is not about merch and Instagram stories, but about fostering community and building connections.

FOOLS’ IDOL (feat Recount)

This song critiques the corrupt culture surrounding self-made individuals—those whose lives are so devoid of meaning that they are obsessed solely with money and status. We chose Recount for a feature as this was the most “rappy” track on the EP. We connected with them via Instagram DMs, and they were incredibly kind and eager to collaborate. Their performance was phenomenal, and it got everyone in the studio stoked when we first heard it. They recorded a lot more lines than we initially requested because they were so hyped about the song, which is a great honor for us. Thanks again, Jonas and Rinaldo!



This song is the first one we composed for the EP and arguably the heaviest. The lyrics revolve around a very straightforward yet impactful concept: rage. It encapsulates the sensation of your blood boiling, your heart rate increasing, and your breath shortening. We drew inspiration from German beatdown, particularly in the callout section and the subsequent parts, as we are all avid fans of the genre.

TRUST NO ONE (feat Rescüe Cat)

Betrayal is another classic theme, and this song embodies it. Initially, we had the most doubts about this track, but Rescüe Cat completely transformed it with their feature! It was Vittoria’s first time in the studio, and she delivered an outstanding performance. We decided to incorporate her throughout whole the song rather than in a single section, creating a more dynamic and aggressive back-and-forth interaction.


This song is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. I (Nico) have always wanted to write something like “Oblivions Peak” by Knocked Loose because I was blown away by the lyrics. It amazed me how such a sensitive topic could be addressed in a genre typically associated with macho culture. I wanted to sing about this issue because in Italy these discussions are rare outside of the DIY punk scene, especially in the more mainstream metal scene, which is a space predominantly occupied by cis white men who often fail to acknowledge oppression in the first place.


We decided to place the intro as the last song on the album as an homage to Egreen’s album “Nicolàs”. When Edo first heard it, his reaction was: “What the hell, this is amazing!” He produced the whole song and sampled Nico’s voice from older recordings, as well as lines from our friend and fellow musician Giant’s song “Piano Divino” (also produced by Edo), which speaks about our crew: PVHC.

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