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Resuscitation Records readying new vinyl release of PLEAD THE WIDOW’S CAUSE debut album

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In a move that should have the spirit-filled post-hardcore community buzzing, Resuscitation Records has unveiled plans to release a vinyl edition of “Pain Split,” the debut album by New Jersey-based band Plead the Widow’s Cause. The album, originally launched digitally and on CD in 2022, won great reviews and quickly became a favorite among fans of the genre.

“Pain Split” has been celebrated for its refreshing sound, which seamlessly merges elements of post-hardcore, punk, and classic spirit-filled hardcore. With echoes of influential bands like Strongarm, Brave Days, and Idle Threat, it’s an album that’s both hard-hitting and melodically captivating. This mix of energetic rhythms and memorable choruses ensured the album a spot on numerous Album of the Year lists.

Now, thanks to Resuscitation Records, this eight-song masterpiece is set to receive the deluxe treatment.

The vinyl edition will be a hefty 180g pressing, accompanied by an eight-page booklet brimming with lyrics and photographs that chronicle the band’s journey. While the first pressing will feature 250 units, there’s a special treat for collectors: a unique black and grey a side/b side effect variant, limited to just 100 units, produced in collaboration with KingdomCore. The other 150 units will dazzle in an electric orange hue. Grab your copy here.

The founder of Resuscitation Records shared their excitement, stating, “The energy and raw emotion of ‘Pain Split’ deserve to be enshrined in vinyl. It’s an honor for us to bring this powerful album to a format that will allow its spirit to resonate even more profoundly.”

Plead the Widow's Cause

Members of Plead the Widow’s Cause echoed these sentiments, expressing their gratitude for the overwhelming support and their anticipation for the vinyl’s launch.

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