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RETOX interviewed by Chris

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Interviews With Chris blog conducted an interview with Justin Pearson from RETOX.

Here’s a word from the interviewer’s:

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing one of Justin’s bands was when I saw The Locust on April 27, 2007 along with Cattle Decapitation and Daughters. The show was at The H.O.R.R Bar, a bar inside a run-down junkie filled motel called The Coronado Motel. The motel was closed a couple years later. Vandals and homeless people continued to live in it until the property was demolished. I can still remember certain details about the show such as Gabe giving haircuts to people and having an incessant ringing in my ears for days because I was right next to the stage-left monitor. I first got into The Locust when one of my best friends showed me them in 05’ and while everyone I introduced their music to was thinking “what the hell is this”, “this is not music” ….I could only think of where in the world I could listen to more of this spastic noise that made my ears feel a bit more at home. From then on I found out about JP’s label, 31G, and I was able to find out about more bands in the “noise” realm as well as other bands JP had been in. As the years passed, I was able to see some of JP’s other bands and at one of his All Leather shows I purchased his autobiography, From The Graveyard of the Arousal Industry. A couple of days later I finished the book. Besides having an insight to JP’s life and some wild adventures, it showed me that an artist never has to be limited to one medium to express him or herself. Enough of the chatter, here’s some Q&A with label owner, author, and member of a bunch of killer bands – Justin Pearson.

Go here to read the interview.

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