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Revelation Records announce PLANET ON A CHAIN – Deprogram vinyl

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Revelation Records is set to unveil a piece of auditory history, breathing new life into “Deprogram” – a 2022 magnum opus from the hardcore-punk band Planet On A Chain. This October 27th promises the first-ever vinyl incarnation of this masterpiece, embracing not one but three distinctive color palettes. Those eager to lay hands on this gem can already set the wheels in motion with preorders at RevHQ.

Deprogram” isn’t just an album; it’s a chronicle. It weaves together the reimagined sounds of demos birthed in the raw ambiance of the band’s practice haven. Those very demos, once finding homes with esteemed labels like Blind Rage Records and 625 Records / To Live A Lie Records, underwent a metamorphosis. The transformation saw the band partnering with the renowned Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA, infusing the tracks with the finesse of an official studio recording.

Journeying through the annals of Planet On A Chain’s inception, guitarist Brian Stern fondly recalls the group’s nascent days, painting vivid images of their rendezvous with Tear It Up in Portland’s Ranch house and their memorable gigs at iconic venues like ABC NO RIO.

The seeds of collaboration, perhaps sown as early as 2006, found fertile ground amidst the pandemic’s confinement. With technology bridging distances, Dave and Brian kindled their creativity, birthing songs that initially emerged as unpolished Garageband demos. These raw recordings, echoing with an authentic, unrefined charm, later evolved in June 2022, getting a polished touch at Atomic Garden.

Earlier this year, the group’s debut album “Boxed In” graced the shelves, further cementing their reputation in the hardcore-punk realm. Despite the geographical divide spanning California and Texas, the band’s collective spirit is unyielding, reflecting in their legacy with groups like Look Back and Laugh and Dead Nation. As torchbearers of authentic hardcore, Planet On A Chain crafts sonic tempests that are unapologetically fast, raw, and drenched in punk ethos. And for those yearning to witness this storm live, the band’s calendar hints at a fiery weekend this November in California.

“Deprogram” Vinyl, with its tantalizing tracklist, promises an immersive experience. From the intense “No One’s Here” to the haunting “Last Word / Last Act,” the album is a symphony of rebellion.

For vinyl aficionados, the pressing details are a treat: 600 in a lush Emerald, 200 in a serene Transparent Sea Blue exclusive to record stores, and 200 in a vibrant White and Orange Mix exclusive to RevHQ.

Revelation Records

As the November winds blow, the band will set stages ablaze in San Diego, Fullerton, and Berkeley, promising nights of unbridled energy and passion.

Upcoming Shows:

November 24 – San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar
November 25 – Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate and Sound
November 26 – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman with Annihilation Time, Smokers, Losers

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