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Ridiculous in structure, technicality, chugs and screams – Zegema Beach Records presents: WRECK OF THE MINOTAUR

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London based math grind destroyers WRECK OF THE MINOTAUR have just re-released their 2009 debut EP ‘A Little Roy One On One’ on vinyl via Heathen Hand Records and Zegema Beach Records. The new offering features a complete remaster of the original EP which also includes two bonus tracks that were done by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden Recording Studio. They sound absolutely massive and you can experience this madness right here!

For fans of: Sawtooth Grin, Oktober Skyline and Machinist

Comments Zegema Beach Records: “Ridiculous in structure, technicality, chugs and screams, 2009’s ‘A Little Roy One On One’ by WRECK OF THE MINOTUAR needed to be revived. So after a Tomb Tree Tapes cassette run we decided to co-release the beast with our new friends at Heathen Hand Records in Canada. We even had it remastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Recording Studio with two bonus tracks tacked on the end. Oh happy day. Did we say mages? Oh yeah…mages.”

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