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Sydney metallic hardcore beast BURN IN HELL channel HARMS WAY brutality and CONVERGE’s intensity in new political single “Bleach”; new LP coming up!

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Sydney’s metalllic hardcore unit BURN IN HELL have recently unleashed a music video for a brand new song off the band’s forthcoming second album ‘Disavowol Of The Creator God‘ due out on August 6th via Reason and Rage Records. With a sample from Regina King’s Angela Abar from HBO’s Watchmen – “I’ve got a nose for white supremacy. And he smells like bleach”, this new track titled “Bleach” sees Burn In Hell blasting a metallic hardcore sound with unbridled fury and passion. The message is equally important, to stand against the growing tide of racism, Neo-nazism and far-right hate groups around the world today.

Australian East Coast five-piece BURN IN HELL first burst into the scene back in 2018 with their savage and chaotic debut LP “Humanity Plague” (Reason And Rage Records). Comprised of current and former members of Vice and Amends, they choose to stand up for their beliefs with lyrics that address social and political injustices crushing contemporary society and to this day this vision remains uncompromised. Drawing musical inspiration from hardcore and metal heavyweights such as Harms Way, Cult Leader and Converge, Burn In Hell have already carved out a name for themselves as one of the heaviest and most politically charged acts around.

Drummer Marcus Tamp comments: “Growing up in the church you’re somewhat blinded and brainwashed to the true oppressive nature that comes from the governing bodies which trickles down to the local Christian communities. Over the past few decades, the majority of our countries Prime Minister have identified as Christian and have brought their Christian “values and morals” with them, further intertwining religion and state.”

A lot of this record focuses on the hypocrisy and disgusting postures held by the leaders of the corporate church and this country, and how we continuously build oppressive systems to further the divide making gender, queer and racial liberation almost impossible.

“Our last record focused a lot more on a personal discourse we had with social issues and people abusing their power to hurt or gain power over others. This record is definitely a broader and more mature snapshot of the rage and hatred that fuels this band.”

Burn in Hell

“Musically we pushed this record to be something more accurate to the bands we worship. While it still has ignorant mosh riffs, we worked a lot harder at collectively writing something that we would stop and listen to. We still love and draw influence from bands like Harm’s Way and Foundation but we definitely focused on listening to a broader spectrum of meal and hardcore going into writing this record. Bands like Converge, Friendship and Cult Leader played a huge part in building this record.”

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