Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti
Gab De La Vega by Ronnie Amighetti

“Road to the Next Chapter”: Gab De La Vega’s journey through continuity and transformation

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Autumn is typically a time of change, and for Gab De La Vega, the change is both literal and metaphorical. This singer-songwriter, who has basked in both the intimacy of solo performances and the amplified energy of full band shows, is stepping back onto European stages with a tour appropriately named “The Road to the Next Chapter.”

“This tour is a passage between two, two albums, two eras in my music career. Being able to do this with my good friends and bandmates in the Open Cages is a privilege and I can’t wait for that!” – Gab De La Vega

The full band tour will take Gab De La Vega and the Open Cages through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany, punctuating spaces between a past shaped by the 2020 album “Beyond Space And Time,” and a future that promises a forthcoming fourth studio album, the title of which remains enshrouded in anticipation.

Gab De La Vega’s musical voyage is not simply one of a man and his guitar. Even though he cut his teeth through solo acoustic shows, his exploration into the realm of full band performances illuminates the evolution of his sound, where each element complements the other.

“I played solo acoustic shows for most of my solo career. In 2019 I played my very first full band show (opening for Frank Turner) and I realized the great potential of bringing a band on stage with me.” – Gab De La Vega

This transition was never more apparent than at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin, a year after which this tour is slated. Turner himself is described by De La Vega as a “fascinating anomaly in the music industry,” and it was Turner’s down-to-earth punk spirit that allowed a burgeoning Gab De La Vega and the Open Cages their coveted platform at the festival.

The year 2020, marked by a global upheaval, presented unique challenges for Gab. The singer-songwriter candidly shares that it was a “challenging time for everyone and for me as an independent artist, it was the toughest test.” Yet, in a twist of resilience and passion, the musician took “Beyond Space and Time” to tour Europe and Canada, performing shows that rekindled his reason for pursuing this artistic path.

“What the future holds is my fourth album, which is probably the best music I’ve created so far and which will see the light at some point in early 2024.” – says Gab.

Gab de la vega live by Adina Scharfenberg
Gab de la Vega live by Adina Scharfenberg

As Gab De La Vega and the Open Cages prepare for their forthcoming tour dates, stretching from Italy’s Garage Guinguette to Germany’s Plan K, one can sense a pause—a brief moment of stillness—before they launch into what is assuredly the next chapter of their collective journey.

“It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s magical. I can’t really tell what comes next, or better, I know what comes next: the singles, the album and eventually the tours. As many as possible, as many as I can with my backing band and my friends.” – he admits.

In essence, this tour is an invitation to both long-time fans and new listeners alike to experience this transformation, this passage from one musical chapter to another.

This autumn, the leaves won’t be the only things changing: Gab De La Vega’s music too will be blossoming into its next form. And for those intrigued by what lies beyond, the best way to find out is by being part of this journey, one concert at a time.

Gab de la Vega
Gab de la Vega

08.09.23 – San Donà (Italy) – Garage Guinguette
09.09.23 – Nova Gorica (Slovenia) – Mostovna
10.09.23 – Vienna (Austria) – Venster99
12.09.23 – Berlin (Germany) – Franken Bar
13.09.23 – Aachen (Germany) – Raststätte
14.09.23 – Solingen (Germany) – Waldmeister
15.09.23 – Trier (Germany) – Plan K

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