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CLONE enriches the Brooklyn alternative / post punk scene with atmospheric new single “Immutable”

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CLONE by Silvia Saporano
CLONE by Silvia Saporano

As a monument to what seems like a dying art form, CLONE emerges from the streets of Brooklyn—streets that have been fertile ground for underground music for decades—to remind us of what a band can truly be in an age of digitization, pre-fabrication, and superficiality.

Birthed from the seasoned soil of Dead Leaf Echo, Namesake, and Pilot to Gunner, CLONE is not a mishmash of these influences, but a new alchemic compound.

Since their inception in the summer of 2019, they’ve been forging a distinct identity through a blend of collaborative songwriting and electrifying live performances.

CLONE’s mechanism is strikingly unorthodox in today’s age of Pro Tools and digital shortcuts. Here, songs aren’t carved in stone after the first draft; instead, they evolve organically in the rehearsal room. Each member contributes an initial spark—a melodic idea, a rhythm, a snippet of lyricism—and the band improvises around it, allowing the song to manifest almost as if by natural selection.

LG Galleon, Gregg Giufre, and Paul Liziragga, the trio constituting this endeavor, have cultivated a space where intuition rather than instruction leads the way.

CLONE by @silvia_saponaro
CLONE by @silvia_saponaro

Paul Liziragga comments on the dynamic: “What we’re doing might seem old-school, but it’s incredibly liberating. There are no blueprints. The music evolves in real time, guided by the combined instincts of three people who have found a rare chemistry. It’s a return to the roots of what making music in a band is all about—collective creation.”

CLONE’s debut album, ‘CL.1,’ due to be released on October 6 via 5BC Records, is both a culmination and a starting point. Recorded and mixed by New York City legend Martin Bisi at his venerable BC Studios, the album captures the soulful desolation of an urban dystopia. Yet, it offers something more than an echo chamber of existential dread. The sound palette is one of nuanced dichotomies—Galleon’s vocal range expands as it never has in his Dead Leaf Echo years, oscillating between the anxious and the aggressive. Liziragga’s bass runs are melodic sprints, intersecting seamlessly with Giuffre’s precise, clockwork drumming.

CLONE by @silvia_saponaro
CLONE by @silvia_saponaro

But what makes ‘CL.1‘ particularly compelling is its lyrical exploration. The band captures the anomic disquietude of a world where human connections are becoming increasingly elusive. “Tell me a story about how you’ll bore me,” Galleon intones on one of the tracks, embodying the disillusionment that has come to characterize the social landscape of our times.

“Music is more than a commercial endeavor for us. We’re making songs for the disconnected, the alienated. It’s a form of solace, a release valve. Music can still change lives. That’s the power we aim to wield,” Galleon elucidates.

The band is gearing up for the premiere of their new single “Immutable” with IDIOTEQ, the same spot where they previously showcased their split 12″ with Swallow the Rat. The song promises to be a microcosm of what ‘CL.1′ stands for—a vortex of raw emotion, sophisticated instrumentation, and narratives that are poignantly relatable.

CLONE by @silvia_saponaro
CLONE by @silvia_saponaro

In essence, CLONE is not just another addition to the sprawling musical landscape of Brooklyn. They represent a potent reminder of the ideals that once made the very concept of a band so enthralling—the primal thrill of organic creation, the communal sharing of stories, the collective quest for meaning.

CLONE by @silvia_saponaro
CLONE by @silvia_saponaro

Herein lies their allure; their music is both an escape and an anchor, a vessel carrying the listener through the tumultuous waters of modern existence.

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