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Rock band BOMBAY HARAMBEE streaming new track

Rock band BOMBAY HARAMBEE (presented on IDIOTEQ last year) have debuted a new single “Interval”, the opening track from the band’s upcoming debut LP Goldmine. Mastered by Carl Saff, the record will be released on February 19 via Max Recordings. The new single rides the line between rock’n’roll, garage rawness and energetic, driving modern rock, and proves that the band is at its most powerful. Listen below.

The band commented:

Recorded at Fellowship Hall Sound with Jim Dickinson disciple Jason Weinheimer, Goldmine was written, arranged, and engineered over the last year and a half as we played through the south and up the east coast. Mastering was handled by Carl Saff in Chicago, Ill. We aim for arresting and literate post-punk. We hope to have achieved that.
Goldmine will be available Feb 19th. While it will be available on digital and CD formats, its ideal format is vinyl. We love how vinyl compels a certain process upon the listener. Ideally, this record should be heard at high volume in a room filled with people. The first pressing of the vinyl release contains additional gatefold artwork by cartoonist Gustav Carlson (Backwood Goat, Tourist Unknown). On the sleeve is a treasure map designed by frontman Alexander Jones, and inside is the limited edition goldenrod vinyl.
Goldmine tells a story. It may evade dot-connection on the first listen. The album depicts subjects most of us would rather avoid in polite company. We’d prefer to tack them all to the wall. Thanks for taking the time to dig deeper.
Hope you enjoy!

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