ROCK BOTTOM / TEN TON HAMMER European dates (September)

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ROCK BOTTOM and TEN TON HAMMER  will be touring Europe starting September 16th till the end of the month. Ask for free dates via [email protected]! This post will be updated with any further developments in the booking. Expect more details soon!

Pennsylvania’s finest will Europe for the very first time. Songs about the devil and heavy metal played by hardcore kids that seem to have a hard-on for Entombed.You could described Rock Bottom as a mix of the Holy Terror styling’s of Integrity mixed with tone and groove of Wolverine Blues era Entombed. You can also hear that they also contain a darker version of the thrash heavy Ill Blood era No Warning. Even with all these obvious comparisons, Rock Bottom has managed to mix these influences into a sound that is really all their own. They are just metal enough when they need to be and stick firm to their hardcore roots when necessary to pump out ripper after ripper.

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