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Roger Miret of AGNOSTIC FRONT wrapping up his new book!

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Roger Miret, an older half-bro of Freddy Cricien of MADBALL, was born on June 30, 1964 in Cuba. He’s been developing his punk rock and hardcore projects via AGNOSTIC FRONT, THE ALLIGATORS and ROGER MIRET AND THE DISASTERS‘ work and is considered as one of the founding members of the New York hardcore movements.

Asked about a potential idea of writing a book, Robert answered:

Funny you ask. I’m almost done. I started a book in 1996 and I lost it twice. I got bugs in the computer and lost it. I restarted it in 2007, because I kept some of the main files. Jon Wiederhorn, who wrote Scott Ian‘s [ANTHRAX] book and Al Jourgensen‘s [MINISTRY] book, he and I are friends and he contacted me about four years ago about helping me finish the book, but I really wanted to do it on my own. Then, about a year ago, he said, “Roger, let me help you with this book.” and I said, “All right, Jon. I have too much shit going on.” I gave him everything I had and we’ve been doing massive interviews and we’re almost done with it. We just gotta find a home for it. It’s pretty much my story from Cuba to being in a band.

GO HERE to read the full interview.

The band has recently unveiled a full stream of their new album, released a series of studio webisodesgot covered by a pack of weird Russian girls, and put out 2 music videos (here and here).

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