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Ron Reyes of BLACK FLAG Issues Statement On Greg Ginn’s Child accusations

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Ron appeared in court on behalf of Greg Ginn’s ex-wife Marina and made a statement that Ginn behaved badly towards his daughters.

Here’s an excerpt:

Greg would not allow the kids in the studio. They also weren’t allowed in the office or the warehouse as far as I could tell. They were just left in the hallway outside of the recording studio all day when I was there. The hallway has a concrete floor, but no chairs or anything to sit on, so the kids would just sit on the concrete and wait for Greg…

A few times a day they would knock on the door or open the door and try to tell Greg they were hungry. He would quickly go over and usher them away from the door and close it, but usually he would make them wait, hours usually, before he would break for food and, I assume, feed them…

The only time there was adult supervision in their lives was when people were hired by Greg to look after his kids. The environment seemed totally inappropriate to me, and the way he completely neglected his daughters was very disturbing…

I spent a lot of time in close proximity to Greg Ginn in the time I spent at his property in Taylor. From what I witness, I firmly believe from what I witnessed that Greg is not capable of caring for children. His drug problem is too severe, and appears to have taken a toll on his mental health. His children deserve far better parenting, care and guidance than he is able to provide them.



Photo: BLACK FLAG 2013, by David Hall, for the OC Register.

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