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ROT IN HELL interviewed by Tight To The Nail

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Tight To The Nail’s new edition of Carry The Weight Fest interviews series features ROT IN HELL. How cool is that? See for yourself:

rot in hell

Representing a truly grim force within UKHC, preaching extinction and with a contempt for some of their contemporaries, Rot In Hell tread a unique path. The genesis of their sound may borrow from the early days of the darker side of metallic hardcore, but in my opinion they have long since stepped from that shadow and have amassed a hefty back catalogue of genre defining work. Wether it be with their heavier side (Iron Halo, Armoured Gideon, Twilight Rouges, Behavioural Resistance; all of these songs sound as if they are within an inch of collapsing under the sheer weight of their ferocity) or within their deepening body of unsettling acoustic work, every note that this clandestine group of Northerners emits is nothing short of fascinating. With a long awaited new EP on the horizon and a restless period of shifting line ups just behind them, I spoke to guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for their acoustic side POI about the future of Rot In Hell, views on UKHC and personal influences.

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Photo by Fred Pessaro for Brooklyn Vegan

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