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RUINER comment on plans to play more shows

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After making their comeback at this year’s This Is Hardcore fest this past weekend, Maryland hardcore band RUINER explained their plans for the future via the following message:

(Disclaimer: this is gonna be a long one)

I am going to try to cover all the questions we have gotten since we announced playing This Is Hardcore but first I need to say thank you. We weren’t sure how last night was going to go. As you know we are the kind of guys who expect the worst and hope for the best. Last night was perfect. Aside from a few fuck ups on our end we could not have asked for a better return.

Now to the questions. (In order of difficulty to answer)
How can I get the new shirts? Hopefully this week or very soon Bridge 9 records will have them for sale on their website. We will let you know when they do.

Will you play Baltimore? Yes. We are working on it. Hopefully in November.

Will you tour again and play my basement like before? We can’t tour like we used to. We aren’t against touring in some capacity but a lot more elements go into this equation now. Hopefully we can play some shows in different cities, states and possibly countries. Its just going to take a lot of planning on our end. Give us sometime to figure this out.

Are you going to record anything new? Slow down dawg. If we added it up Ruiner is separated by about 4000 miles.

Lastly we need to thank Joe “Hardcore” McKay and everyone involved with the fest. Putting on something like TIHC might not seem like a thankless job because every band is praising the event on stage. However the things that go on behinds the scenes, the business of something like that is utter chaos. So thank you for putting up with so much every year to make it happen.


RUINER played their final show on October 9, 2010 at Sonar venue in Baltimore, MD:

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