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RUN LIKE HELL to release “Fortunate Souls | Wretched World” next month!

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RUN LIKE HELL’s hunger to continue spreading their music and words has now resulted in the five track EP “Fortunate Souls | Wretched World”. The EP will be released on CD and in digital format by White Russian Records & Smithsfoodgroup DIY, and will be presented on the release date, February 8 2015, at
Rockcafé De Pompe in Goes (NL). The beautiful artwork for the EP was designed by MORNING AGAIN singer Kevin Ray Beyers, and contains guest vocals from Niels (CORNERED) and WD (MANU ARMATA).

Photo by Dennis Wisse.

RUN LIKE HELL is a Dutch hardcore band hailing from the Zeeland area. The band has been very active since its inception in 2011, playing their raw, groovy old school hardcore with love, passion, honesty and anger on stages throughout the country.
In 2013 the band self released their first EP, “Imprinted”. A six track EP including guest vocals from Cindy (All For Nothing). Taking things very seriously, not only in their lyrics -dealing with topics as violence and religion, treatment and welfare of animals, social media obsessions and the horrors found in the pharmaceutical industry- but also in their energetic performances, the band has not gone unnoticed and has been sharing stages with bands like Biohazard, First Blood, Knuckle Dust, Redemption Denied, Risk It, Code Orange and All For Nothing.

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