RUN WITH THE HUNTED tease “The Sieve and the Sand” with a new song!

Arizona’s RUN WITH THE HUNTED are back with a new album called “The Sieve and the Sand“! The new outing will hit streets on June 3rd via Panic Records, but you can check out their new tune right here, right now! It’s called “Mea Culpa” and was premiered a couple of days ago via MetalInsider. Sounds amazing – listen for yourself:

With the unleashing of their forthcoming long player now less than a month away,Arizona punk/hardcore instigators, RUN WITH THE HUNTED, hurl forth new bruiser, “Mea Culpa.”

Latin for “through my fault,” the rambunctious, wholly gang-chantable tune serves as the fifth movement of The Sieve And The Sand. Notes Metal Insider, “The band’s fourth album… should make fans of Every Time I Die or Converge feel right at home with their wild energy bound together by a focus on tight playing, knowing exactly when to lash out and when to remain poised.”

A name derived from classic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Sieve And The Sand serves as the follow-up to the band’s 2011 self-titled full-length, which Punknews fittingly commended for its “heavy, lurching mosh parts,” and “often fast and occasionally angular tendencies that seem to span the last 20 years well, mixing elements cleanly for a pulsating, scratchy take.” With The Sieve And The Sand,RUN WITH THE HUNTED defies genre norms, falunting a maturity seldom realized in hardcore, seamlessly weaving in and out of multiple genres while maintaining the constant sense of urgency and desperation for which they are known. The result is a seven-track behemoth of a record for The Secret, Champion and Burning Love enthusiasts, encompassing a lifetime of pain, struggle and a desperate search for meaning and purpose in an otherwise careless world. Vocalist/lyricist Drew Wilkinson lays his soul bare in his most honest and vulnerable performance yet, exploring existential dilemmas and exorcising private personal demons in the process.

The band debuted another new track from the record called “Silent Spring” earlier this year:

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