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Sad screamo maestros SUIS LA LUNE release pre-production sessions for “Riala”

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Four years after their break-up and 10 years since the release of their most ambitious album “Riala”, Swedish post rock infused screamo band SUIS LA LUNE are back with a unique retrospective and their new release featuring pre​-​production sessions for the already influential album.

Building on the frenzied sound so distinct in their discography, Riala was a clearly matured effort—full of self-proclaimed “complex pop songs”—and it’s all the stronger for it.

“Huge thanks to Seth and Kevin of Topshelf Records for putting their trust in us and releasing this record, as well as Stephane Tartelin for making the artwork.” – says the band.

Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

“Out of all our releases, it was our most ambitious.” – commented the band.

“Attempting to put together an album is always more difficult than making a 7” or EP. The writing process of the songs spanned years. We were playing ‘In Confidence’ live as early as 2009.

Before recording the actual album, we spent a few months rehearsing and recording pre-production demos. In light of the 10 year anniversary we thought it would be fun to share those demos. They’re available now on our Bandcamp for free.”

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“Besides the 10 songs featured on Riala we also uploaded an unfinished song idea that didn’t make the cut for the album. Throughout the years, pretty much all ideas materialized into a song so there’s not many of these laying around. Now seemed like a good opportunity to share it.

Everything in the pre-prod songs were recorded live except vocals and the instruments not featured in the band setting, like piano.”

Riala pre​-​production sessions is available for streaming via Bandcamp.

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