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Sardinia post rockers LAZYBONES FLAME KIDS deliver interestingly shaped and phenomenally tasty new EP

Moody cinematic soundscapes are cast to one side as Sardinia based LAZYBONES FLAME KIDS seek to explore their more dynamic side of post rockin’. Their invigorating work of repetitive, yet powerful strings of arpeggios offered on 2016 debut “L​.​F​.​K.” builds rapidly with a surprising sense of urgency, bursting into massive flavours. Their overall swirling positivity through experimentation creates  a force to be reckoned with and I really like the way they’ve taken a step towards becoming way more than just another simple post rock band. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

L.F.K by LAZYBONES FLAME KIDS was released in February 2016 via Coypu Records.

“Sometimes we come across a band that are so perfectly formed and so completely up our street it’s a wonder we haven’t discovered them before now; Lazybones Flame Kids are one of those bands. Hailing from Sardinia in Italy, they released their debut album, L.F.K, in February last year. Combining the grandeur of post rock with gritty post punk, sounding a little like Shipping News in places, the noise they make is glorious”. ECHOES AND DUST (UK)

“The main references are the typical atmospheres of instrumental post-rock of the origins and the melancholy of American Football and The Van Pelt . The guitar loops leave room to a recited, shouted and whispered singing , that recalls the early days of American emo!” KALPORZ.COM

“A mix of melancholic and controlled sound evasions, it’s very difficult not to be emotionally struck.” RUMORE

“Lazybones Flame Kids succeed in join twinkly guitars typical of 90s emo with instrumental epicism of post-rock.” SENTIREASCOLTARE.COM

“A stratified emotion that infiltrates under the skin” PAPERSTREET.IT

Watch the band performing their unique mashup/cover of MOGWAI’s “Superheroes of BMX” BECK’s classic jam “Loser”:


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