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Polish sludgy d-beat hardcore band THE THRONE streaming new record!

Soon after the release of their latest music video, Polish hardcore band THE THRONE comes back with a full stream of their new record Frail Threads! Just released through Unquiet Records, the home of the recently interviewed bleak crusty hardcore pack NUKK, the record echoes various cross-genre influences and put the band into the frame of the international public eye and proves them to be one of the more adventurous spirits in the Polish independent music scene. The sonic wave of their new offering crushes and destroys with inexorable strength, but it’s still able to get the message across eloquently. This joint should draw fans of various nooks of both metal and hardcore.

“Frail Threads” is bringing forth a mixture of energetic and relentlessly aggressive hardcore/d-beat/crust, as well as the nihilistic and depressive sludge/doom. Nothing in The Throne is ever constant nor stagnant. We’re not getting a repeat from their last album, Singularity. It’s a completely new chapter.

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