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SATANIC PLANET (members of Dead Cross, The Locust, Slayer, The Misfits) release theme song and video from upcoming album!

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SATANIC PLANET have unveiled their new sick music video for the song “Satanic Planet”, coming from the album of the same name, recorded and produced by Luke Henshaw and Dave Lombardo and scheduled for a May 28th release via Three One G Records.

“The Satanic Planet theme is an entire Satanic Panic condensed into under two minutes of blistering, rapid-fire, paranoid meltdown, complete with backward masking. Knowing that Satanic Planet, the band, will be a controversial act that will inspire pearl-clutching bible-thumpers to comb our material looking for evidence to confirm their worst fears, we decided to save them time by compiling a lyrical laundry list of anti-Satanist delusions that can be appropriately taken as mockery, or moronically as advocacy. Satanic Planet has something for everybody!” – Lucien Greaves of Satanic Planet

Satanic Planet

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