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SATELLES take on the post-soviet era with their new single “Abandoned Kingdom”

Almost 1,5 years since their latest IDIOTEQ featured track that stood strong for women’s rights (still very relevant today), we are very pleased to welcome back Budapest melodic hardcore band SATELLES and present ‘Abandoned Kingdom’, the first single off their second album ‘Some Got Saved’, a memoir for the generation born and raised after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Iron Curtain.

With “Some Got Saved“, SATELLES explore the topic of the regime change in 1990 and its aftermath, one of the main events of the 20th century that shaped the attitude of the generation who grew up in the post-soviet era: the disappointed ones, the seekers and the fugitives who were forced to leave their hometowns, their beloved ones. ‘Abandoned Kingdom‘ is a reflection against the demagogic and populist climate that still surrounds us.

“Some Got Saved” comes out in April 2018. Artwork by Branca Studio.

“Abandoned Kingdom” Lyrics:

“I try to speak out, but the rope hangs on my neck; I hear the sounds of sharpening’ axes, and the torches have been lit to set the fire. Get crucified for stepping out of line.

Hang me on gallows, burn me with fire, decapitate me with an axe, but I won’t turn away, I won’t shut my trap. They spit and curse your name for speaking the truth. Killing people in the name of Kings & Gods, being stoned and burnt for defying the tyrant, the gold turns to serpents in his hands.

I won’t stand in line, I won’t shut my trap. Tell me, what has been shattered by the centuries? What age are we living in? Be loyal to the king, but was this king ever loyal to his people? Was he? Is he the king we need? The king we want?”

SATELLES take on the post-soviet era with their new single “Abandoned Kingdom”
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