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Screamo maestros JEROMES DREAM’s First Rehearsal In 17 Years [UPDATE]

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This week marks JEROMES DREAM‘s first time rehearsing together as a band in 17 years. The band commented:

It’s been an incredible 7 days, and we’re beyond excited with what we’ve come up with. You can listen to a couple songs via this location. We wrap things up today together and will continue to write remotely.

In other news, we’re expecting the 10″s to arrive tomorrow, so we’ll begin packing them next week and be shipping you (along with your tees and totes) ASAP.

UPDATE: August 23rd: new song/video added:

It’s been 3 weeks since our first rehearsal in 17 years. Here’s another song we did during those rehearsals. Its working title is called Sharpen Your Knives. We will continue to write and are planning to do another few days of rehearsal in October, prefacing our time in the studio.

Sharpen Your Knives:

Cut Off:

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