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SED NON SATIATA / CARRION SPRING split up for pre-order!

The long awaited SED NON SATIATA / CARRION SPRING split LP is finally available for pre-order!  5 amazing DIY labels: Grains Of Sand Racords, Désordre Ordonné (both putting out the record on tape), ADAGIO830, Echo Canyon Records & Protagonist Music (all three responsible for vinyl pressings) have done their best to arrange it, so do not hesitate to visit their sites and order your copy! Expect a very solid record full of outstanding music, some melancholic post rock sections and powerful screamoish crash of the harsher elements. Be sure to give this one a listen as both bands definitely bring to the table a heartfelt and innovative approach to the genre.

Watch my interview with Adam from CARRION SPRINGGO HERE!

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