SED NON SATIATA re-presses their earlier releases!

Echo Canyon will repress SED NON SATIATA‘s first 1 sided LP “le ciel de notre enfance” as well as the songs on the split wotyh DAITRO on the other side of the LP! Check out the official word from the label below.

Also, make sure to read our lengthy chat with the band at this location.

SED NON SATIATA are back from their US trip. It seems like it was more than awesome… they toured with Big Kids for 2 weeks and ended up in Chicago at Electrical Audio to record new songs for a new full length who should see the light of the day in the beginning of 2013. At this occasion, we might be repressing their first 1sided LP Le Ciel De Notre Enfance as well as their songs on the split with Daitro on the other side of the LP. Stay tuned about this !

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