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See Ya Never – NYC melodic punk rockers SHAKEOUT premiere new music video

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“See Ya Never” is the first of a series of several singles from SHAKEOUT this year, and today we’re pleased to give you the official music video for the song and some more details about the band.

See Ya Never” is a song about self-awareness, holding yourself accountable for your own actions, and recognizing that you are in charge of your life and your own destiny; no one else is. The song also reflects on the importance of not letting other people’s opinions stop you from being who you really are.

“I definitely have struggled with this in the past.” – explains A.J. Chiarella “I often cared too much about what other people thought about what I’m doing and it definitely has held me back from going all in on who I really am. And the reality is…everyone else is too busy thinking about what other people think of them to spend their time thinking about you. If there’s one message that I hope this song can convey, it’s this: Figure out who you truly are, continue to learn and grow, and never let anyone get in the way of you living the life that you want to live.”


“This is the first of three songs that I have recorded and performed all of the instruments on.” – continues A.J.

“Had a blast with the challenge of playing all of the parts, as well as recording most of it myself. However, I have a few people that need to be shouted out for their help with this project.”

Song credits:

Written and all music performed by A.J. Chiarella (Shakeout)
Pre-production with Matt Brasch (The Wonder Years / Cold Climb It)
Drum engineering/editing Sam Stauff at Port City Recording
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Steinborn (The Wonder Years / Red Hand Recording)

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