Violent Answer by Stanisław Mikołajczak
Violent Answer by Stanisław Mikołajczak
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Self-Threat – VIOLENT ANSWER reveal full stream of new punishing EP

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Brought up on Hatebreed, grown up with Suicide Silence and inspired by Alpha Wolf, the newest EP from VIOLENT ANSWER finds the Poznań, Poland based nu-metalcore act continuing to carry the torch for modern blends of metal and hardcore in the proud tradition of the aforementioned bands, spiced up with their own style. Each of the new six songs has a dark, bitter and hard-to-articulate story that describes stereotypes and the evils of the present day society.

“The greed of humanity and the meanness rooted in ourselves, which we have to deal with every day, make us dangerous to ourselves, so the lyrics between the lines clearly smuggle the title of the album – “Self-Threat”.” – comments the band.

Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Void of Vision, Dealer…), can be grabbed via streaming services at this location.

The band is: Filip Szuba – lead guitar, Karol Gemborowski – drums, Marcin Werner – vocal, Maksym Kulej – rhythm guitar, Artur Bręczewski – bass

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