SET ADRIFT – “Fifth Season” [12”] (2011)

SET ADRIFT – “Fifth Season” [12”] (2011)

SET ADRIFT was a straight edge vegetarian hardcore band from Ukraine. This outing was released on November 27th, 2011.

1. set adrift – mindfield 02:28
2. set adrift – essence 04:06
3. set adrift – release … escape 02:50
4. set adrift – palm’s warm 03:52
5. set adrift – fifth season 04:57
6. set adrift – bottomless 04:30


Clinging to its feelings and dreams and trying to escape extinction through self-knowledge. This is the story of everyone of us left in the darkness surrounded by the whisper of hopelessness. The only possibility to survive here is to never let the inner light wane, never let any sufferings suppress the heart beat but believe that we can find those who are similar to us. Those deeply hurt but ready to fight for their own way. The way we can light together and for each other. Since the debut 7″ record was issued, Set Adrift still give us the sgnals just like a beacon through the storm. Preludes of noise and acoustic guitar parts immerse us into specific atmosphere the new 12″ record is surrounded by. This is the music in the best traditions of the 90-s hardcore (Shield, Temperance, Mean Season), where each song turns out to be a message brought to us by the sea waves and each line of each songs is ready to be sang by the chorus of voices and gifted to the eternity.

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