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“Shed” by Title Fight gets a new powerful version from SHORELINE

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German emotive punk rockers Shoreline has just released their electrifying rendition of Title Fight’s iconic trackShed,” alongside a remix of “Holy Communion” from their latest album, Growth. These fresh takes are now available for streaming on all major platforms. Shoreline is set to rock stages and festivals throughout the summer, ensuring their sound reaches fans far and wide.

As a band that encapsulates the spirit and essence of punk rock over the past four decades, Shoreline infuses their music with the concerns and turbulence experienced by a new generation. Their album Growth delves into pressing issues such as climate change, responsible consumption, and personal experiences with anti-Asian racism, as expressed by vocalist Hansol Seung. The record captures the challenges faced by young people in an era where personal issues inevitably become political.

Shoreline has firmly established itself within the punk rock genre, having played over 200 shows across Europe and supporting renowned bands like Basement, Spanish Love Songs, Boston Manor, and Hot Water Music. Growth showcases a band that has matured musically, blending heavy drums and clean guitars with contemporary pop passages to create an anthemic modern emotional punk production.

Catch the band live at the following dates, including their sto at MY PEOPLE FEST 2023:

01.06.23 GER – Regensburg – Campus Fest
03.06.23 GER – Dinklage – Festival of Differences
17.06.23 SUI – Zürich – Obenuse Fest
23.06.23 GER – Rottershausen – Ab Geht die Lutzi Festival
30.06.23 GER – Dortmund – FZW w/ Ways Away
01.07.23 GER – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof w/ Ways Away
15.07.23 GER – Berlin – My People Fest
29.07.23 GER – Mössingen – UD Festival
12.08.23 GER – Nonrod – Nonstock Festival
16.09.23 GER – Hartenstein – Neighbourwood Festival

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