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SHINTO KATANA interviewed by More Than Ink, August 2012

No Heroes Mag recently conducted an interview with SHINTO KATANA.

To start with who are Shinto Katana and what do you sound like?
We are five mates from Western Sydney, who sound like heavy, melodic mosh.

You just released your third album Redemption. How (if at all) is this album different to what you’ve done previously?
Our first had a more melodic feel, while the second went in more of a metal direction. With this third release we feel like we took the best elements from both of those releases and made what I feel is our best release to date.

What are you the most proud of about it?
I guess the fact that we have found our sound. It’s a CD that I want to listen to and some of the songs have a lot of meaning to us.

What was the writing process like this time around?
It was a lot easier in a sense, as it feels like everything just came together. I think with everyone being on the same page on what sound and direction we wanted to take this CD made it really good.

You also moved from Dogfight Records to Skull & Bones. Why the change?
We can never thank Dogfight enough for everything they’ve done for us. They released our first CD and helped build us to what we are today. I guess with this release, feeling like we have stepped it up and kind of approached it with a fresh perspective. We thought it was maybe time to step out and take a fresh approach label wise. With the current S&B roster, along with Dan being totally siked on the record, made them a great choice.

It has been out for a week or so now. What has the response been like to it so far?
So far we’ve had nothing but positive feedback. Everyone seems to really like the new stuff.

Frankie Palmeri from Emmure did some guest vocals on the album. How did that come about?
We toured with Emmure last June. We hit it off straight away with those guys and have stayed in contact since. He was an obvious choice to get on the CD being a friend and having such a high profile to try and push our stuff more so we hit him up and sent a track over.

You guys have been staples in the Sydney hardcore scene for quite a while now. What are some local bands that you’re psyched on right now?
Endless heights, Aftermath, Stories, Pledge This, Legions. I could seriously go on for days. Sydney is killing it right now.

You’ve toured with a lot of huge bands – Shai Hulud, Emmure. Who have been your favourite to tour with to date?
Like I said before we hit it off really well with Emmure. They were seriously some of the nicest, down to earth dudes we’ve met. Dream On Dreamer were also on that tour too and they are awesome guys as well. The combo of those two bands made it a great tour.

Shinto are about to head on the road with Antagonist A.D. and Lionheart. What are you most looking forward to about the tour?
Obviously taking our new songs on the road is pretty exciting. But also seeing Antagonist A.D. every night and hanging with those guys is something I’m looking forward to. We’ve been friends with them for years, so it’s good we finally get to hit the road together.

Are there any places in particular that you’re excited to play?
Eagleby in QLD, as there is a band called The War from up that way who are playing that show. They’ve been around for ages but have been a bit quiet in recent years. Seeing them back at it will be massive.

Following this tour, what’s next for Shinto Katana?
We’re looking at hitting the road and getting to some of the places the Antag tour won’t get to. We’re also trying to organise a Perth run and will maybe try and get overseas late this year/early next year.

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