4-way split with Kerosene Heights, Rose Ceremony, Drunk Uncle, and Thorn Tire
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Showcasing four shades of emo – listen to “Flint Spark Fire Ashes” 4-way split now!

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Old Press Records and Acrobat Unstable Records are releasing a new 4-way split from emo bands Kerosene Heights, Rose Ceremony, Drunk Uncle, and Thorn Tire, and we’re thrilled to give you an early listen of the full thing below!

Dubbed “Flint Spark Fire Ashes“, the split brings in four different takes of emo and post hardcore, blending various cuts of sad emo, melodic hearty punk rock and even screamo!

The album kicks off with two tracks from Austin based emo band Drunk Uncle, who released their wonderful new album “Look Up” on Count Your Lucky Stars in March 2022. Joining them on the second note are Asheville, North Carolina’s emo torch bearers Kerosene Heights, with their uplifting take on pop punk infused hearty punk rock. The other two bands lean more towards screamo, with melodic post hardcore act Rose Ceremony from Texas and heart-wrenching screamo act Thorn Tire from Georgia.

The Split EP marks the first Old Press Records release alongside Acrobat Unstable Records, as the two have teamed up for future Old Press Releases. The EP will be oficially available on November 18, along with a pre-order of a 12″ Lathe Cut Record.

Speaking about this collaboration, Justin from Kerosene Heights says that everything was pretty collaborative.

“We all seemed to enjoy the concept of something in fours (going with the four way split) we discussed β€˜seasons’ as a concept and using pressed flowers for the art.” – says Justin. “Around the same time I had a made a collage (that was ultimately used as the art) and we pitched that as an alternative for the art, but It changed the feel a good bit and didn’t necessarily fit with the seasons theme. I believe drunk uncle then had the idea of flint spark fire ashes, which better fit the art. That stuck and boom, a four way split.”

4-way split with Kerosene Heights, Rose Ceremony, Drunk Uncle, and Thorn Tire

“I think from our perspective we wanted to do a split with bands that we all were personally really into and I think the general concept of a split just really aligns with our ethos as a band – we want to support and hype up our friends and people we are inspired by. Drunk Uncle, Thorn Tire, and Rose Ceremony are all incredible. We just asked our internet friends if they wanted to do something cool and luckily they were all down. It was a little too easy. And thom is the best too and agreed to help with the release.”

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