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SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS – Blackened crusty grind machine destroys with new record ‘Svengali’

Australian overwhleming blackened crust/death grindcore band SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS (interviewed for IDIOTEQ 2 years ago) have premiered a full stream of their new EP ‘Svengali’. The new effort perfectly portrays what extreme music always strives to be; brutal, abrasive, and kind of scary actually. ‘Svengali’ implores us to take a side and dive into this sonic nightmare. See the band’s official word and stream the full thing right here! Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

This is the very end of a two year process for us; changes in personnel, touring and general life events slowed this release down considerably and I’m immensely relieved to finally expel it forth into the ether of the interweb.

Svengali is the sacrifice of one’s own body to the mind of another.

“Svengali – a skin-peeling and face-ripping exercise in sonic cruelty that will leave the listener gasping for air and praying for dear life as the suffocating weight of this monster looms and descends upon them” –

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