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SINAI VESSEL release one of the most impressive, effervescent indie/emo records this year

Brokenlegged by SINAI VESSEL premiered in full earlier last week on The AV Club magazine! The album scored a 7.7 on Pitchfork!, Spin called it “2017’s first crucial release, Brooklyn Vegan named it one of their five notable releases of the week, and none of these mags are wrong, cause this offering is not only better than we had any right to expect, but it’s really creative, warm-sounding and authentic. Crafted with care and precision, it’s presented in its full glory below. Bon appétit!

Sinai Vessel have made exactly the record they wanted to make, an admirable expression of uncompromised vision and perseverance. That zoomed-in determination is an apt match for the subtle, humanistic ideas explored on the album itself. A more measured, patient album than its predecessor, Brokenlegged allows its eight songs to stretch out and plumb wide fields of human emotion, with complex, challenging results. The record is, by definition, “lived-in”: the songs here find people trying to co-exist with and reconcile the doubts, anxieties, and ironies that have always been a theme in the band’s work. IfProfanity found Sinai Vessel glimpsing hard truths through a glass darkly, thenBrokenlegged, the band’s remarkable full-length debut, finds the trio wondering what one does next. What do you do when nothing is the same yet everyone refuses to admit things have changed? These are the questions begged by Brokenlegged. – Chad Jewett

Brokenlegged is a rich and multifaceted emo record, exploring not only the expected moments of catharsis, but the hangovers that arise in their aftermath.Pitchfork

Judging by the shot gracing 2017’s first crucial release, Sinai Vessel’s captivating Brokenlegged, the future’s still in wide open spaces. – Spin

Brokenlegged sounds hard-won and fully-formed, as evidenced by its lead single “Dogs.” Cordes’ dense and transcendental lyricism is on full display – Stereogum

Brokenlegged is one of those albums where it feels like every song could’ve been the single…the whole album sounds battered and unpolished, but still gorgeous and clear as day. Brooklyn Vegan

You can practically hear the flesh fall off the bone on songs as raw as “Looseleaf,” but also an underlying strength when facing the darkness on the bleak “Dogs.” – Stereogum


01.27.17 – Syracuse, NY – Spacecamp – (event)
w/ Top Nachos, American Oil Company

01.28.17 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Bushnel – (event)
w/ Yes Yes, Lawn Care, Bird Hour, M. Salvator

01.29.17 – Akron, OH – Fool Mansion – (event)
w/ Ghost Slime, Lawn Care, Dark Spring

01.30.17 – Athens, OH – The Birdhouse – (info)

01.31.17 – Wyandotte, MI – The Rockery – (event)
w/ Alchemists, Swordfish, Cosmic Sans

02.01.17 – Grand Rapids, MI – Ferris Coffee – (event)
w/ Vagabonds, Good Day Good Sir

02.02.17 – Kalamazoo, MI – Oyster Stadium – (event)
w/ Everyday Sensei, LVRS, Joys

02.03.17 – Chicago, IL – Subterranean (Downstairs) – (event)
w/ Ratboys, Options, Close Kept

02.04.17 – Bloomington, IN – The Void – (event)
w/ House Olympics, La Guerre

02.05.17 – Lexington, KY – The Burl – (event)
w/ Messes, Blood Handsome

02.06.17 – Nashville, TN – That 70’s House – (event)
w/ Secret Stuff, Bogues, Lulu, West Means Home

02.07.17 – Chattanooga, TN – JJ’s Bohemia – (event)
w/ Lions, Harbor, I Can Japan

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