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SIX FEET UNDER reveal details for their new album; stream a new track

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SIX FEET UNDER have set May 22nd as the release date for their anticipated new record “Undead”. Pre-orders for the album are available at

Comments vocalist Chris Barnes:

I’m in pretty much the best headspace I’ve been in since myself and [former guitarist] Allen West started this band in 1993. I’m super excited about the new record. It’s a rejuvenation; it’s a rebirth of Six Feet Under, and fans will definitely latch on to my excitement and how focused I am in the lyrics I’ve written… The hypocrisies of daily life, things that affect us that spawn aggression, loneliness, sadness, there’s a lot of emotions going on across the record, and I guess that the dark horror that humans cause is my niche.

Track listing:
1. Frozen at the Moment of Death
2. Formaldehyde
3. 18 Days
4. Molest Dead
5. Blood on My Hands
6. Missing Victims
7. Reckless
8 . Near Death Experience
9. The Scar
10. Delayed Combustion Device
11. Vampire Apocalypse
12. The Depths of Depravity

The band is also streaming a new song called “Formaldehyde“. You can view it below.

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