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SIX STEPS FORWARD from Cracow BOMB THE WORLD with their new release of the same title!

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Although much of the chaos that has been going on in the world seems to have calmed down a bit, the chaos that is my life has not. So, I have not been able to write any album reviews for a while and it has me bummed. But finally, I was able to get ahold of this release from Krakow, Poland Hardcore band, SIX STEPS FORWARD called BOMB THE WORLD. I was excited to receive a request to review this band because I realized that not only have, I not ever heard any Polish hardcore before, but I am half Polish as well. As a fan of quite a few Latin Hardcore bands, I realized that I have been terribly favoring the Colombian side of my heritage way too much, and I needed to sit down with a few pierogis and listen to some SSF!!!

The first song, BLOWN AWAY, is basically an intro song that starts off with an eerie movie clip from The Hunger Games which leads straight into BOMB THE WORLD.

A reflection of the world’s State of Mind and the effects of a Pandemic unleashed upon us all. “Bomb This Fucking World!” the singer chants with each chorus amid a breakdown extravaganza! The band used some intricate but heavy guitar riffs and some off time signatures.

MAN OF SUBSTANCE, then comes next and impressed the hell out of me with its nice use of guitar harmonics and heavy ass breakdowns “all night long”! TOO MANY GRAVES, the next track starts with a very cool guitar riff and then speeds up to circle pit RPM for its verses.

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Bomb The World
Bomb The World, by Karina Charytonik, edit by Ange Jończyk, Karolina Glanowska

“Too many holes, too many graves to dig!” is a sad reality of what we faced in 2020 and are now only just beginning to start recovering from as people in general.  This band reflects that felling with their music.

The next song UNLEASH THE DOGS, features Dominik Hadek from COMPANION. Another solid track containing solid gang vocals, good verses and choruses.

BLACK AND WHITE CONCEPT begins with a good drumbeat, right into heaviness. They also throw in a wicked bass rattle in there as well. And finally, SURVIVAL OF THE WORST, closes out this release.

A cover of a song from the band Schizma, I enjoyed the fast-paced circle pit verses and breakdown style choruses. This band made me realize that I needed to get with it, as far as Polish Hardcore is concerned and check out more foreign bands as well. Overall, I recommend this EP to anyone who enjoys hardcore. This was an interesting release and well worth checking out.

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