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Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide compilation streaming!

Hundreds of amazing underrated bands from all over the world write brilliant songs and (un)fortunately they won’t find a way to create a wider reach that they surely deserve. And that’s where local DIY labels come into play. Connecticut based label Vicious Mistress helps bands get heard and get recognized and I am thrilled to help them out and let you know about their newest, absolutely killer release! “Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide” gathers 15 tracks from 15 passionate punk bands that push the ska flag forward by delivering a great set of diverse and highly danceable tracks. This joint doesn’t contain a single jam that you’ll want to skip. Play it loud!

The label commented:

We are here to give bands a voice. Many bands are ignored because people want to promote the next main stream bullshit. We want to keep it real, keep it punk and keep the scene alive! ads
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