SLAYER produce their own wine in Sweden

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SLAYER have just produced their own Sweden-exclusive red wine called “Reign in Blood”, named after their iconic 1986 album.

SlayerBrands for Fans founder Sari H Wilholm comments:

Sweden is a good market to start with. We are a small country but we have incredibly dedicated fans, which makes it worthwhile to do the test launch in Sweden.

When asked why it was a good idea to launch a SLAYER wine, Wilholm explains to Dagens Media:

I think people understand that Slayer would never sell their name without having been involved throughout the process and having tried and approved the product. That kind of commitment, I think, is different from other artists who release similar products.

It is quite unexpected for a band like Slayer to release a wine, but they are just ordinary guys who like the same things as you and I do.

Name: SLAYER “Reign In Blood” Red Cabernet Sauvignon
Item No.: 74527-09
Year: 2010
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: California, USA
Quantity: 6 bottles (cardboard)
Price: 714 SEK (approximately $107) per cardboard box (6 bottles)

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