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Sludgy punk duo MAR reveal new record “Fill Your Lungs”

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Providence based dark, sludge tinged post hardcore act MAR have just released a new tape called “Fill Your Lungs”, exploring themes of personal trauma, loss, and overcoming these things. They described themselves as “critical doom of psychic survival” and it’s quite an appropriate term to go along with their neurotic introspection that pushes at the parameters of boundless freedom. No matter how many sonic avenues these guys take, they manage to sounds undeniably and play with so many different flavours. Great job!

Asked about the details of the content behind the record, the band’s lyricist and main vocalist Kay commented:

Each song on the album describes some facet of psychological trauma or survival. I draw from lived experience quite a bit, and have been through some shit, so our music reflects that pretty strongly.

A few of the songs on the album are about experiencing and surviving domestic violence. They describe being trapped in an abusive relationship in which you’ve become the caretaker of your abuser, being forced into selflessness. _Sick of It_ is the aftermath, in which you’re just sick of all the PTSD and judgement from others and all the baggage that comes with being a survivor, when you’re just trying to live your life.

The title track is in some ways a resolution for the rest of the songs. There’s a rage festering inside, and an intense desire for destruction. But then you slow down, breathe, and find a way to channel that rage into something productive.

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