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SPINEBREAKER comes strong with a sound shaped by 90s death metal legends, and the raw nature and aesthetic of hardcore

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SPINEBREAKER, a hardcore band hailing from San Jose, California, has announced their upcoming EP titled “Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition,” scheduled for a May release under Creator-Destructor Records. The label has revealed the EP’s cover art, track listing, and the lead single, “Spectral Forge,” which showcases the band’s signature heavy sound.

SPINEBREAKER consists of vocalist Alex Herrera, bassist Josef Alfonso (formerly of Sunami), drummer Brian Do (from Ripped To Shreds), and the triple-guitar attack of Elliot Morrow (from Gulch), Cole Kakimoto (also from Gulch), and Justin Ton (from Dead Heat). The band is highly regarded for their powerful and dynamic live performances, as well as their ability to blend different subgenres of heavy music. With a sound that draws from 1990s death metal legends and the raw, gritty nature of hardcore, SPINEBREAKER’s music is an impressive fusion of different styles that seamlessly comes together.


SPINEBREAKER burst onto the scene in 2016 with their debut LP, “Ice Grave,” and followed up with a promo tape in 2019, featuring their single “The Cost Of Innocent Life” and a cover of Agnostic Front’s “Power.” The band is now set to return in 2023 with their latest release, “Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition,” a monstrous album that showcases their death metal influences.

The record features six tracks that are an assault on the senses, with bone-crushing riffs, thunderous blastbeats, and apocalyptic overtones that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning metal fan. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Evil Wizard Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California, known for his work with Vastum, Mortuous, and Necrot.

To complete the package, the album also features artwork by Brad Moore, layout by Rachel Deering, and logo design by Alex Herrera. “Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition” is a highly anticipated release that is sure to cement SPINEBREAKER’s position as one of the most exciting and talented bands in the current heavy music scene.

Spinebreaker by Michelle Nisbet
Spinebreaker by Michelle Nisbet

Herrera writes, “Our new single ‘Spectral Forge’ is about afflictions in all forms following and latching itself to you like a ghost or demonic entity. No matter what you do it tries to suck the life out of you and it feels like an inescapable part of you. I am basically at war with myself in my head at all times in one way or another and that is the theme of this record lyrically. Depression, anxiety, anger, and tendency toward violence. This is what the Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition represents musically, and it was perfectly captured in the cover art painted by the great Brad Moore.”

Creator-Destructor Records will issue Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition May 5th on LP, CD, CS, and digital formats, the first pressing of vinyl limited to 500 copies featuring two color vinyl variants with an embossed cover.

Having spent the last few years playing select shows in the Bay Area and California, with their most recent live appearance being part of Just Another Gig in Tacoma, Washington, SPINEBREAKER is now booking new live events surrounding the release of the new record, including supporting Deathgrave at their LP release show next week. Stand by for additional live news to post over the weeks ahead.

4/15/2023 LVL Uproar – San Jose, CA w/ Deathgrave, Los Huaycos, Mokosos

SPINEBREAKER’s lineup consists of Alex Herrera on vocals, Elliot Morrow, Cole Kakimoto, and Justin Ton on guitars, Josef Alfonso on bass, and Brian Do on drums. Together, they create a unique and powerful sound that draws inspiration from a variety of heavy music subgenres, resulting in an impressive fusion that showcases their musical prowess.

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