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STATIC DRESS unveils ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) Volume 2’ EP

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In an unforeseen move, the eminent UK-based band, Static Dress, has graciously presented to the world their latest creation: the ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) Volume 2’ EP. This quartet of songs is not merely a continuation, but a refined reinterpretation of tracks from their illustrious debut album, “Rouge Carpet Disaster.”

Accompanying this release, the auditory tapestry of “Lye solution,” which sees collaborations with renowned bands Loathe, BVDLVD, and Hail The Sun, has been illuminated with an official music video. The visionary behind this visual representation is none other than the band’s lead vocalist, Olli Appleyard. The video is a testament to Appleyard’s multifaceted talents and can be viewed on the band’s official platforms.

Earlier in the year, Static Dress had announced their affiliation with Roadrunner Records, following which they released ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) Volume 1.’ This offering comprised four reimagined versions from their debut album, each providing listeners with an enriched auditory experience.

The album, “Rouge Carpet Disaster,” which was originally launched independently, has been acclaimed as a pivotal moment in the band’s journey. Helmed by producer Erik Bickerstaffe of Loathe and penned by Static Dress, this album is a melange of genres, seamlessly blending emo, screamo, metal, pop, and electronic, offering a fresh and audacious perspective within the rock milieu.


The band’s initial foray into the alternative music scene was marked by their 2021 EP, “Prologue… (Comic Book Soundtrack).” This EP not only garnered them the title of “Best New Band Of The Year” by Kerrang! readers but also laid the groundwork for a broader vision, amalgamating a comic book and an official soundtrack. This innovative approach introduced fans to a parallel universe teeming with enigmatic puzzles and lore.

Static Dress have illuminated stages alongside prominent acts such as Knocked Loose, Loathe, and Higher Power. Having recently completed a U.S. tour, the band now sets its sights on their UK headline tour, commencing November 9th. Furthermore, they are slated to accompany Bring Me The Horizon in the coming year.

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