STICK TO YOUR GUNS preview their new album

STICK TO YOUR GUNS have posted a preview of “Diamond”, their brand new album.

The band posted the following:

Well well well… This is one of those inner battle moments that you always hear about in books and movies. One of those moments when you’re really sitting down with yourself and wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” On one hand, I think it could be counter productive to acknowledge the negative criticism about our new song, “We Still Believe.” On the other, I feel like I owe everyone who gave us criticism, both good and bad, an explanation. So, I find myself here again…

I’m going to start off by saying that the band and I all love this song and the things that it represents. We are stoked as a motherfucker that it has as many views as it does. We think the video turned out great and we want to thank our friend Carlo for that.

Now, to address everyone who are overreacting about this whole thing and calling us “sellout faggots” (which by the way, it’s 2012, quit acting like a fucking caveman, grow a brain, and stop calling people faggots) this is what I would like to say. We seriously, and with the most genuine sincerity, appreciate those who have supported us since our first album “For What It’s Worth.” It’s a huge honor for us to have you support us for that long. However, I feel like you need to understand that when that album came out I was 16/17 years old and I was at a completely different part of my life than I am now. I’m now 24 and I feel like I put more of myself into this band than ever. I wouldn’t expect ANYONE to be doing the same exact thing in anything after 8 years of doing it. That would just make no sense. You should always strive to make your work better, and if you aren’t, then whatever it is you’re doing clearly doesn’t mean enough to you to give any sort of extra effort.

Now, to call us sellouts is just so fucking crazy that I literally laughed out loud when I read that shit. I live in an apartment in Huntington Beach with my girlfriend and my dogs. I drive a 2001 Ford Explorer. It’s not a bad life at all. In fact, I love it. But we can agree it’s not a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and I don’t drive a fucking Beamer. I do however work EXTREMELY hard for the things I do have. I’m made to feel like if I worked a 9 to 5 then what I do have would then be acceptable to everyone, but because I make money to live my life through this band, then I’m a sellout. Hmm, does that sound like logic and intelligence, or ignorance and downright stupidity? You be the judge.

Now for my favorite… “Keep it hardcore” or, “What’s this? This isn’t hardcore.” “Hardcore hardcore hardcore…” I find it funny that people say it’s not a hardcore song because we sing, or that we sound like we are trying to be A Day to Remember. Ya, that makes sense. It couldn’t be that we love H2O, Ignite, Boy Sets Fire, Death by Stereo, AFI, Quicksand, Suicidal Tendencies, or any of those bands. Ya, you’re right. It’s probably A Day to Remember. What is hardcore? I need someone to clear it up for me. Because I thought it was a community where every walk of life who felt alone, broken, and shattered could come and feel accepted. I thought it was less about the band name on your shirt and more about loving the music. Less about what comes out of your mouth and more about what you do. Not giving a fuck about what people think and doing what you know to be right in your heart. Ya, breakdowns are cool but hardcore is about way more than that so get your shit straight.

Bottom line, we love you all. Like T.I. says, “Opinions are like Escalades, everyone’s got one.” That’s good. Have an opinion, but don’t be so steadfast in it to where you feel the need to be crucified to your words. Allow your mind to be opened and take in new things. That’s what life is about. Doing new things. I can promise you from the bottom of my heart, we are the same STYG, but if you feel the need to move on then let me just say thanks for coming. It was a pleasure having you and you’re always welcome back.

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