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STRIFE interviewed by Bang Bang Berlin

Bang Bang Berlin recently conducted an interview with STRIFE.

I don’t want to go too much into the straight edge thing because that’s not really important to me. But during the set you did talk about unity and how you don’t care if people are straight edge or not. That’s what hardcore is about right?

Definitely. We were a straight edge band; we’re not anymore. It doesn’t change the music or what we feel for the music. I got into hardcore before I was straight edge; I got into punk rock before I got into hardcore. I think it’s very important to be unified and to not dwell on one thing or another. It’s just about the music, the fans, the kids and being one entity. We aren’t anything without people seeing us play and singing along. We feed off their energy and I don’t give a fuck, I want everyone there having a good time. As long as you’re not being an asshole, you’re always welcome. That’s how I’ve always seen it. I was a peace punk when I was growing up and that ideology has never changed.

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STRIFE live:

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