“Super Heavy Fun Times” – a chit-chat with VERSUS URSUS on their new album and more

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First interviewed for IDIOTEQ in August 2013, Reading, UK’s VERSUS URSUS have not been idle this year. The band has released a debut LP, new music video and played a bunch of dates earlier this year. I sat down with them as an invisible interviewer to sum up this past year and learn more about their plans for the future. Grab a beer, watch the video, and play “Super Heavy Fun Times” in its entirety.

‘Super Heavy Fun Times’ the latest effort from Reading band ‘Versus Ursus’ plays out very much as you would expect from the name. A brash collection of fast paced chaotic songs smashing together the likes of punk, metal, rock and prog with reckless abandon. This maelstrom of ideas takes its blueprint from the two taster tracks released July 2013 and blasts off into uncharted territory.

Hungry to release something more substantial to the public, work on band’s debut full length began almost immediately after the release of their previous effort. Recorded at a number of different locations throughout Reading the sessions ran right up until May 2014, almost a year of blood sweat and beers went in to its creation and to say the band are excited to finally release it would be a colossal understatement.

Kings of impatience, during the recording process the band have been pursuing a frenetic schedule of performances and tours taking them further afield than ever before. With the record release finally in sight and two more tours planned before the end of 2014 the band are armed to the teeth with new material and ready to bring the ‘Super Heavy Fun Times’ to the farthest flung corners of the UK and beyond.

Questions asked:

1. Hey guys! What’s up? It’s been more than a year since we last talked! You have not been idle, huh? How has the VERSUS URSUS business developed?

2. You shot some new band pics, too, huh? :)

3. How has the album been doing? Has your new heavy musical persona gotten you any new fans or musical opportunities?

4. When did you begin writing the material for this new outing?

5. How would you compare this recent recording process with the early days of the band and the first recording sessions?

6. Which of the tracks on the record is most different from your original concept for the song?

7. Aren’t you a prolific band? :) Are there already plans for another record next year?

8. From what I can see, you’re still defending the payable model of music distribution. Does that mean that your previous record earned you hundreds of thousands of bucks? :) Do you think that the current sources for free music are eventually going to pay off for artists?

9. Ok buddies. There are some single shows planned for the coming weeks. Aren’t you tempted to hit the road big time and arrange a massive European trek?

10. How do you remember your last October tour?

11. How many gigs have you played this year? How was Reading?!

12. Do you face any particular challenges this year? What is your plan for after these upcoming few dates?

13. OK guys, before we say goodbye for another year or so, I’m really curious… Would you consider moving away from your current genre and adding some more rockish or even post metal elements to your music?

14. Honestly, what on earth is going on with these dogs? :)

15. Thanks guys. It’s been great getting to speak with you again. Is there anything you’d like to add?

VERSUS URSUS new album


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