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Swedish experimental rockers SVARTA STUGAN release new track through a video game!

SVARTA STUGAN (interviewed for IDIOTEQ in 2015) has unveiled the first single from their upcoming debut album. The song ”Islands III” will not be released with a music video but with a game, available in browser and on Google Play for android mobile phones. The game is a black and white steam punk side-scrolling shooter where you play as a no-name, shooting your way through a series of dystopian islands. The game has got the same duration as the song and is set out to capture the mood and aesthetic feeling of the music piece. Stefan Jonsson, a level designer at the Swedish game developer studio “Frogsong”, created the game. Releasing a computer game, instead of a music video, is an odd symbiosis and perhaps now for the first time mashed together. What is certain is that this is the first experimental rock game ever produced.

The Swedish twee-noise/post-rock trio SVARTA STUGAN started in 2012 and have to date released three EPs on cassette and on a limited cassette-box by ”Hackebeil Records”(DE) and ”Epileptic Media”(AU). The debut album is due release in mid 2017. This album will be available on Vinyl and on Cassette released by ”Wooaaargh Records” and “Comedia Records”. The band will be performing 2 live shows in Germany on 16/2 (Haus Manisch (Mainz)) and 17/2 (Tiefgrund (Berlin)).


“Sweden’s young Svarta Stugan is one of the more adventurous bands around; we praised their debut EP for its refusal to follow formulas, and their follow-up continues in that worthy tradition” / ~ Richard Allen of

“Had I been around to make a top 11 list for 2014, I’m sure that Aspects would have been on it. Once again, Svarta Stugan find the perfect balance between post-rock convention and non-traditional experimentation.” / – Jason of

“Without a doubt, this is probably one of the more interesting, purely instrumental bands I’ve stumbled upon in a while: some of these groups seem to be in desperate need of a vocalist to take their sound to the next level, but there’s enough going on in the music of Svarta Sugan that a singer would almost be redundant. Aspects of Our Future Selves may be too abstract for some people to really approach, but I think it’s excellent for what it is; definitely worth checking out for those who appreciate non-traditional composition and unique music.” / ScenePointBlanl

“Combining elements of traditional post-rock formats with their own experimental flair, Svarta Stugan offer up an interesting album experience, highlighting a lot of their strengths as an instrumental rock band. ‘Aspects Of Our Future Selfs’ explodes onto the scene with odd little notions and creative ideas, showcasing idea after idea after idea.” 4/5 – TheCDCritic

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