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Swedish post hardcore act DIVISION OF LAURA LEE and California’s IF IT KILLS YOU comment on the upcoming US tour

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Swedish Post-Hardcore juggernauts DIVISION OF LAURA LEE are coming back to America after 10 years for a West Coast tour starting in late October in support of their new EP “Last Light”. Joining them on the road will be our recent guests from California, IF IT KILLS YOU. The latter just released their new LP “Invisible Self” produced by and guest appearances by Jim Ward of At The Drive-In and Sparta, as well as Shelby Cinca of Frodus.

Both bands are putting out a split flexi called the “Tour Flexi”, featuring one song from Division of Laura Lee and one song from If It Kills You. Both songs were recorded specifically for this flexi and are exclusive to the flexi. There won’t be digital versions of the songs anytime soon.

Tickets for the tour can be purchased at ifitkillsyou.com. The dates are as follows.

10/19/22: Hollywood, CA Harvard & Stone
10/20/22: San Diego, CA Whistle Stop
10/21/22: Palmdale, CA Transplants Brewery
10/22/22: Mesa, AZ The Underground at the Nile
10/23/22: Prescott, AZ The Den
10/24/22: Fullerton, CA Programme Skate & Sound
10/25/22: Bakersfield, CA Jerry’s Pizza & Pub
10/26/22: Santa Rosa, CA Arlene Francis Center

We sat down with both bands to get their perspective on this new release, the 2022 so far and their plans for the coming months.

The release

Division of Laura Lee: It’s a really nice kick off ahead of our adventurous travels with IF IT KILLS YOU. A fundraiser in a way, since we need to pay our way over there. Our song, Keep It Or Eat It, was written solely for this flexi and it was very much inspired by Rites Of Spring and such bands.

If It Kills You: The idea of doing a split release with Division of Laura Lee for this tour was something that we were all really excited to do. It was fun to write and record a song rapid fire with the time limits a flexi has. When the dust settled and the masters came back I think both songs came out really great.

2022 so far

Division of Laura Lee: Has been quite good. In comparison to the previous couple of years its been really great. We got to put out some new music, Last Light EP plus we did some shows in celebration of Black City, our probably most popular record so far.

If It Kills You: I think it’s safe to say that 2022 has proven to be a better year for us. We released “Invisible Self” digitally and physically this year and have been able to play out a little more carefree than the last 2 previous years (obviously).

This fall

Division of Laura Lee: We are planning to visit friends in America for the first time in a long while. Hopefully that experience will spur us on and inspire more music this winter.

Since Covid was declared no longer a threat to society theres been a blooming feeling in the music scene in and around of Sweden. Almost too much going on and we must be careful so that people dont develop an allergy towards rocknroll. But it sure has been good going to shows and festivals again, much needed.

If It Kills You: Sometime in the near future we plan to make our way to Chicago and record an EP at Electrical Audio. We still have a deposit setting over there that we paid for right before Covid. But since the release of this record we plan to play out as much as our personal lives will allow. I think like so many other bands right now we’re just grateful to get out and be with people. So the focus is more shows.

Although things haven’t completely returned to normal (before Covid) we’re all pretty optimistic about the future.


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