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Swedish sheogazin’ post hardcore act TRACHIMBROD streaming new song; new record out in April!

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More than 5 years after their inception in Stockholm, Sweden, alt post hardcore act TRACHIMBROD are back with new music! The band has teamed up with 3 hard-working DIY labels Dog Knights Productions (UK), Through Love Records (DE), Tokyo Jupiter Records (JAP) and Zegema Beach Records (CAN) to release their second album “Leda”! The LP will be out in April, but they have already unveiled a new track called “All Är Som Det Alltid Var”, available for streaming below. The main fervor in this new effort is that it seems to be incredibly fresh! Moody and tender with the nostalgic sound of shoegaze and even dreampop, TRACHIMBROD boast modernity by attacking the senses with well-crafted soundscapes and praising the sophisticated styles more as additional design elements than as firm foundation. Great stuff, highly recommended!

Trachimbrod is a Screamo/Shoegaze band based in Stockholm, Sweden. THROUGH LOVE RECORDS released their debut album “A Collection of Hidden Sketches” in 2012 and a 12″ split with Swedish band Sore Eyelids the following year.

Together with German Post Hardcore band and label mates FJØRT TRACHIMBROD toured 2013 through Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Their music is characterised by catchy drums and jangly guitar melodies combined with unique and emotional vocals. Even though the music tends to evolve from record to record, the unmistakable ‘Trachimbrod sound’ is always present.

Photo by Fasica Ek


Alltid när jag tänker till
Lurar jag mig själv att jag
Ändå kanske räcker till
Kanske gör jag det idag

Alltid gör jag det jag vill
Ändå är jag likgiltig
Aldrig blir det som jag vill
Men det gör ju ingenting

Och jag tuppar av
Känslan stannar kvar

Alltid när jag ligger still
Provar jag att stänga av
Känslan den är nästintill
Omöjlig att överta

Och jag tuppar av
Känslan den är kvar
Och allt som jag har
Är som det alltid var

Spelar det någon roll vad vi gör?
Spelar någonting någonsin någon roll?
Vilka är de att se ner på oss?
Spelar det någon roll om de ser ner på oss?

The band commented for Punktastic magazine, who originally premiered the new tune:

“The main theme for the lyrics and music delivers criticism to the negative byproduct from the nihilistic ideas and values we are left with to deal with in a post-modern secular society. Hopelessness, confusion and fatigue over the lack of truth; community values and meaning in a spiritually empty, individualistic consumer society and material worldview. A concern for the unsettling fascist, totalitarian values that are growing because of the neglecting side of our culture. Trachimbrod is nothing more than a tool of projecting these thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.”

The band released their debut album “A Collection of Hidden Sketches” in 2012 and a 12″ split with Swedish band SORE EYELIDS one year later:

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