Stuyedeyed by Liz Smalls
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The revitalised psych garage rock’n’roll from THE DUKE OF SURL and STUYEDEYED takes a little time to tune into, but it’s worth it!

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Brooklyn garage psych rockers STUYEDEYED and Milan, Italy’s 60’s rock’n’rollers THE DUKE OF SURL have teamed up with King Pizza Records to release their new records, “Funeral” and “Ham Radio“. Every so often some reviewer arrives clamouring that punk, rock’n’roll or guitar music in general is dead, and suddenly bands like these crash-land clutching their axes, wearing an irrepressible grin and proving we’re bloody wrong! Don’t let these 2 records pass you by.

Photo: Stuyedeyed by Liz Smalls.

THE DUKE OF SURL – “Ham Radio”:

Sizzle the bacon and saddle up, Duke of Surl has come to town and you’re too busy tuning in outside. This is no drill – a sweet and savory stack of no-frills rock n roll for the good graces in all of us, deep fried and served with a side of hash browns. Extra hash.

STUYEDEYED – “Funeral”

What happens when King Pizza and Greedy Dilettante Records team up and put the tape to the head? MAGIC IS WHAT!!

Stuyedeyed’s new EP Funeral is a massive six-song sonic storm with blazing guitar riffs and so much sweat you’ll need a shower afterwards.

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